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Value and Style

Most of the times, behind a brand there is one man's passion.

A vocation that develops and matures in time. A project that grows stronger and stronger, becomes more and more distinguished in tis progress and gains strenght while going on. Enzo Mosca's artisan care for materials and arrangements has evolved into an innovative culture of design where the aesthetic experience blends with functionaly and rationality to create settings tailored to your events. Enzo Mosca goes beyond the idea of traditional decoration; He explores new scenographic and always changing possibilities and unique awesomeness where shape is also the essence. Creating something really special is an art.

The theatricality of the arrangements does not belong to Enzo Mosca's professional DNA: each attempt is aimed at the pursuit of sophisticated neatness as a sign of elegance, a private luxury never flaunted, where each element is a note inside a great harmonics.

"Sicily suggests and makes me understand Asia and Africa; it's not a small thing to be inside this wonderful heart to which so many rays of the universal history are headed

"The cleanliness of the outlines, the softness of everything, the docile interchangeability of the colours, the harmonious uniqueness of sky and sea, sea and shore... once you see them once you will hold them forever"

“Viaggio in Italia” – 1829 Johann Wolfgang Goethe

Outside is the chaos... stillness inside. Outside is the world, inside is my world, safe and privileged.

"Sometimes words are not enough; this is why we need colours, and shapes... and then notes... and emotions."

Alessandro Baricco

In the details the difference, in the details tangible borders, in the details everything takes shape.

Details make perfection... and perfection is not a detail.

Leonardo Da Vinci

When I create something following my heart, it works and pays off; whe I use my brain instead, achieving the target becomes very hard.

"Creativity: anything that wasn't there before but was achievable in an essential and comprehensive way."

Bruno Munari